Super Soccer 6 a-side

Corinthians Super Soccer 6 a-side

Some years ago the Greek Sporting Club added an artificial, state of the art 3rd generation
6 a-side football pitch on the grounds and this has proven to be immensely popular with
both the little athletes as well as the adults who play in various leagues every night of
the week.

It has also proven to be a very popular party venue for many children who love the
freedom to play in an arena where the action never stops.

Nick runs this facility for the club and can be contacted via the following website –

This is what Nick had to say re his passion for the 5-a-side game.

“Many people, when questioned about any sport, would state just that it’s a sport,
a game. To us, soccer is far more than that, it’s a passion, a way of life. It hones the
body with its physical demands, lifts and cares for the spirit through the social interaction
and release of stress. And its fun.

So yes, we love soccer. We’ve watched it, we’ve played it. But we want more people to
enjoy the action of 6-a-side Super Soccer. We want to see people enjoy themselves,
master their skills on the field and observe the satisfaction obtained through goal scoring,
winning a match and ultimately, walking away with the title of league winners.”

We are soccer.

6-a-side Super Soccer is action soccer or indoor soccer – played outdoors!

6-a-side Super Soccer is played on a field measuring 800sqm (40mx20m) which is
contained within netting. There are no boundaries which means that it is a hard and fast
non-stop game. The turf is a specialised artificial grass manufactured overseas and
imported specifically for our field.

Games consist of two halves of 20 minutes each, with a half time break of approximately
5 minutes.