Corinthians-Black Aces FC is currently one of the biggest clubs in South Africa due to it’s partnership with Mpumalanga Black Aces FC and the link to Manchester City Schools of Football.

Our club is the main feeder of the Black Aces Academy and we strive to develop our players , coaches and management to a professional level and lay the foundation for a formula that will benefit our stars of the future (players), coaches and management.

Corinthians-Black Aces FC is an open club that is affiliated to the Easterns Local Football Association (ELFA)  and anybody can join.  We do, however, have restrictions which stipulate that there is a maximum amount of players that can be accepted in a single age group.

We do not conduct any trials for the Black Aces Academy as Corinthians is the main feeder club of the Black Aces Academy and hence our teams are frequently watched and monitored by the academy director and coaches.

If you have played for another academy linked to a PSL team for more than 2 years and/or you have played for SA national/provincial team or made more than 2 years in a row a district team you can apply directly to the academy directly by sending a detailed CV with references that can be checked to the following email address:

For more information more information about Corinthians-Black Aces, send an email to :

For more information on how to register for Corinthians Black Aces, click this link, which will take you to the registration page where additional documents can be downloaded.

All existing members are urged to register on the website in order to access fixtures, scores, league tables and other additional information.