Corinthians Football Club

Corinthians FC is currently one of the biggest football clubs in South Africa with a rich history in football development dating back to 1958. The club has many success stories of players graduating from the development program to play professional football in South Africa, the USA and Europe.

Corinthians FC also has the advantage of being aligned to the very successful GDL (Gauteng Development League) Youth Academy, JHB City FC which was previously known as the Black Aces Academy. As Corinthians is the main feeder club of the JHB City Youth Academy, our teams, players and coaches are frequently watched and monitored by the Head of Academy and the Academy Coaches.

Corinthians Coaches are at the core of the success of the Club, our Coaches are carefully selected and continuously developed. The coaches follow a specific development program which is geared towards age-appropriate development.

Corinthians is Player Centric with a focus on developing the players at all age groups. The U6-U8 age groups, which is the FUNdamental years of soccer are encouraged to fall in love with the game and are introduced to basic skills and techniques. U9-U12 the curriculum advances and includes more advanced techniques, passing patterns and tactics. From U13 onwards we ensure we have strong, competitive teams and the coaches work on technique, physicality tactics and teamwork. We have a long list of past league and cup winners going back , any years. Recently, in 2022 our U19 side won the Premier Division of the Easterns Local Football Association League and our U8 side won the Cup.

Corinthians FC is an open club that is affiliated to the Easterns Local Football Association (ELFA)  and anybody can join.  We do, however, have restrictions which stipulate that there is a maximum amount of players that can be accepted in a single age group.

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